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Dirty Sue

" Life oustide the brine isn't kind."

"Martini drinkers are becoming more and more discerning.
Any bar or restaurant that wants to serve the best, should serve Dirty Sue."
Michael Waterhouse
Owner - Dylan Prime/Devin Tavern - NYC

 "Dirty Sue is to olive juice what Rose's is to lime juice."
Jimmy Collins

"Dirty Sue managed to make a martini taste even classier.
Even James Bond would order a dirty martini now, shaken or stirred."
Kate Giuffre
Washington, DC

"Finally, a dirty martini product that accents a good gin instead of burying it!.. Dirty Sue tastes of fresh squeezed olive juice."
Dale DeGroff
America's foremost mixologist

"Dirty Sue may well be the best thing to hit the bar scene since the bottle opener. Pure and extraordinarily delicious, this miraculous elixir is the answer to global warming and the cure for lackluster Dirty Martinis."
Robert Plotkin
Bar Media - author, trade writer and beverage consultant

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